Capabilities, Services & Certifications

We are very dedicated to food quality and safety, and take food safety certifications and compliance very seriously . We understand the growing importance of certifications to our distributors, private label retailers, co-pack customers, and end users.

Beverage Types

Syrups , Fruit juice Concentrates, Smoothie Mixes, Extracts, Hot Fill

Container Options

4 – 128 oz. PET or Glass Containers (additional options may be available upon request)

Product Examples

100% Juice, Juice Drinks, Smoothie Mixes, Concentrates, Flavoring Extracts, Gourmet Syrups

Minimum Bottling Contract Volume

Varies per contract.
Minimum 1000 Gallons per run.

Prime Location

Production is conveniently done at our nut-free, dairy-free plant in Brooklyn, NY. Our central location helps reduce shipping costs for raw materials and finished goods.


R&D In Conjunction With Formula And Flavor Development

Promotional And Conceptual Development Strategies

Private Label Brand Launch And Grassroot Media Strategies


FDA Plant Certifications

Kosher OU Certification With Documented Rabbinical Supervision

FDA Bioterrorism/Food Safety Registration