The Only Way To Do It

At 3V we are committed to improving personal and planetary health. We feel it is imperative that we operate in a manner that preserves the natural resources that we all depend on, and ensure they will be available for all generations. That’s why we create our products in the most environmentally sustainable, and climate change friendly/conscious ways we can.


A Few Reasons Why

We minimize our waste and carbon footprint by using recyclable materials and composting.

Our PETE 1 plastic bottles are the most easily recyclable plastic bottle around. In addition they are vital to preserving the shelf life and taste of our juice products. This is important because longer lasting products mean using less bottles!

We communicate with our clients almost exclusively via email and phone, thus minimizing the use of paper materials. We compost any leftover produce and strive every day to make our operations greener and more environmentally friendly.

After bottling, our products are packaged in biodegradable containers made of plant-based materials. Please dispose of these in your regular trash.

We’re also careful to collaborate with partners that share our vision.

We’ve partnered with Sweetners Plus who work with Energy Star to improve their energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also have ongoing initiatives to improve their operations and reduce waste. As just a few examples, they recycle truck oil to heat their shop facilities, and sell empty sugar sacks to a recycler for reuse.

Our primary shipper is FedEx, which has led the charge in sustainable shipping through their “EarthSmart” initiative, which includes an expanding fleet of electric, hybrid, and zero emissions vehicles.

Why Don't You Use Glass Bottles?

At this time, plastic is actually a more environmentally sound choice than glass.

We use PETE #1 plastic for the following reasons:

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) #1 doesn’t leach, and is generally considered the safest single-use plastic-bottle choice.

It is the most desired plastic for recycling.

It is dramatically lighter than other bottle options, which means less fuel is used to create and deliver each bottle.

It’s a better barrier to gases than other plastic, so our bottles protect our juices’ good nutrients from oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases that might affect the nutritional quality and taste.

All our bottles are 100% BPA free